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Studia l'Italiano e Scopri la Cultura del Mediterraneo
Study Italian and Discover Mediterranean Culture

De Rada Special Scholarships



Special Scholarships available for the 

Program in Calabria:

Vincenzo Selvaggi Grant $600

Sant'Adriano Grant $500

San Demetrio Grant $400

Girolamo De Rada Grant $300

San Nilo Grant $200

Giuseppe Faraco Grant $100

Alumni Special Grants: $900; $800; $600 

             Read below for more grants opportunities


Application deadline: April 15, 2015  


Application Requirements:
·        A letter of purpose (explaining why you are applying for a grant)
·        A short resume (Curriculum Vitae)
·        A letter of recommendation from a faculty member (sealed and signed envelope)
·        A copy of your transcript
·        A letter from the Financial Aid Office at your school demonstrating financial need (if applicable), or a copy of your bank statement showing your balance for the last  two months

·         The De Rada Program Application Form, including the $100 deposit fee. (Please notice that if a student can not participate in the program unless he or she receives a grant, his/her deposit fee of $100 will be immediately returned).


Scholarship Recipients' responsibilities:

The De Rada Scholarships are given to students willing to help the De Rada Italian Institute in updating its web-site and/or performing minor administrative tasks as needed.  Examples of such tasks include typing, use of internet, making photocopies, helping other students, coordinating activities, etc. Students may also be asked to translate or conduct a research project on Girolamo De Rada’s life and works.  Other research projects, cultural and social activities, art performances, and ideas are also welcome.  


The De Rada Scholarships

De Rada Institute offers some grants to partially cover the tuition for students attending the De Rada Summer Program in Calabria and Puglia. Both need and merit are taken into consideration.

The grants are offered to celebrate some historical figures such as the following: San Nilo di Rossano (910†), the most important saint of the Byzantine tradition in the South of Italy; Girolamo De Rada (1814-1903), the most important Italian-Albanian poet and writer of the Romantic period; San Demetrio, the patron saint of the homonymous town in Calabria where the program takes place; etc.


The special Selvaggi Grant of $600 will be offered to a student showing passion for Italian language and culture, and great research skills.  This grant is offered to remember the figure of papas Vincenzino Selvaggi, who died on Monday, January 9, 2006.  He was a great priest of the community of Vaccarizzo Albanese, and a very well known scholar of the Italian-Albanian culture, literature and traditions.  From the foundation he has been the Vice President of the De Rada Italian Institute in Italy. The Selvaggi Grant will be given in Italy during a special ceremony on the memory of our dear father and friend.


Donations to our non-profit organization

Thank you very much for your kind donation which will be be used to improve our program. If you want to establish an endowment for scholarships given on your name, or if you want to sponsor our movie production or any other activity please contact us and let us know.

The De Rada Italian Institute is a 501 C3 non profit organization and therefore your donation is tax deductable. For your tax deduction, please contact your tax consulter.


Additional Options




Teodoro Raffaele Diaco Memorial Grant for Study in Italy.

     The Italian section of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard University has received a generous gift from the Diaco family, honoring the memory of Teodoro Raffaele Diaco, to support summer study in Italy.  Since Mr. Diaco was originally from Calabria, his family has stipulated that preference be given to support Harvard students studying at the De Rada Institute in Calabria, Italy. The grant monies will be awarded based on financial need (primary) and merit. Winner(s) will be asked to write a brief letter to the Diaco family describing their experience in Calabria.  In the past years prizes ranged from $300 to $3,000. For more information please go to:, or contact Elvira Di Fabio, Senior Preceptor and Undergraduate Advisor in Italian, Harvard University (
Deadline: TBA
Program Location: Calabria

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a Harvard student and are applying for a grant from the De Rada Institute, you need not submit another application.  Please just complete the form online at and you will be automatically considered for a Diaco Grant.



The John R. Mott Scholarship Foundation Scholarship. Students native to the region of Calabria Italy who are enrolled to attend any accredited post-secondary school are encouraged to apply. Students must be seeking an education leading to a degree or professional certification. The location of the educational institution is not limited to Italy. The students have to be of Calabrese origin, but not necessarily born there. However the scholarship prioritizes students that are currently there. Preference is given to students from the town of Serra D’Aiello, and the city and province of Cosenza.  

For more information please visit:



Please contact us at with any questions, concerns or comments. Thank you.
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