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Studia l'Italiano e Scopri la Cultura del Mediterraneo
Study Italian and Discover Mediterranean Culture

Film Media


All students will have the opportunity to participate in 
the production of an Independent Movie!!!


- Participate in an Independent Movie while Studying Italian Language and Culture.
- Work next to director Renato Guzzardi (Professor at the University of Calabria).
During the URI Summer Program in Italy students will have the opportunity to work on the pre-production of an international feature movie, which will be filmed both in the US and in Italy. Activities include preparation of a treatment and a storyboard, locations scouting, casting and shooting of a film trailer.
In the picture Kelly is shooting one of the scene of the movie Il ritorno di Norman (Summer 2010). 


The De Rada Italian Institute is offering a unique opportunity to all those interested in Film and Film Production. During the Summer Program in Calabria, Italy, students will be able to take all levels of Italian Language and Culture and the Cinema course (ITL 315, 3 credits) while working with a real director on an independent film, and with academic faculty members and special guests from the film industry.

Program participants will be involved in all aspects of pre and post-production and production, including screenwriting, filming, and editing. Those who are interested can also participate in acting roles in the movie. By enrolling in these activities students will earn 4 additional credits of Topics in Production (FLM 351) or 3 credits of Field Experience in Film Media (FLM 401). The Italian Cinema and the Production courses will be taught by Reshad Kulenovic, Professor of Film Media at the Univeristy of Rhode Island.

In the picture our students and faculty are celebrating Mauro Fiore, 2010 Oscar Winner for Best Cinematography with the movie Avatar. On the back Maria Perrusi, with her crown of Miss Italia 2009. The celebration took place in Marzi, Calabria, home town of Mauro Fiore, on June 2010.

Renato Guzzardi, independent filmmaker and Professor at the University of Calabria, will be directing a film based on the travelogue “Old Calabria” written by British writer and journalist Norman Douglas. Those who are interested in better knowing the story and the character of Norman Douglas, can read at least from chapter XV to chapter XXIV of this book published in London on 1915 (for a free online copy, please visit To view some of the clips made by students who traveled to Calabria last summer, please search on YouTube for “Il ritorno di Norman” or just click here,


      Steven shooting a scene of the movie Il ritorno di Norman.


      Steven shooting the scene of the sculpture of Norman Douglas made on a three by Evzi Nuhiu.

Students will be studying video, sound, light and editing techniques before beginning starting to film. Among other sections, a lab work will be held at the University of Calabria Film Center. The following technical equipment will be available to the students:




2.     Vixia HD camcorder

3.     701HDV, 547BK Video Tripod Manfrotto System Kit

4.     WH-200 Tripod Head II

5.     NY VCT-FXA

6.     32GB Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark 2) Media



1.     Sennheiser EW112P G3 LAV SYS (A) EK100/SK100/ME2 - SEEW112PG3A 

2.     NTG-2 - Shotgun Microphone Basic Kit




1.     Set of 3 CL800 800W + Barn Door with Dichroic Daylight Filter

2.     Cool-Lux MD3000 LIGHT & SOUND BRACKET –

3.     Impact 42" 5-IN-1 REFLECTOR DISCS

4.     Impact 32" 5-IN-1 REFLECTOR DISCS           



1.    MAC Book PRO

2.    Final Cut Pro

3.    2 Western Digital 500GB PASSPORT ESSENTIAL BLACK - WEPE500B


Matthew shooting the 2010 San Demetrio Corone flash mob

Special Guests:

Dacia Maraini, Writer and scripwriter.

Demetrio Loricchio, Head producer of the company Nuovo Film, Rome, Italy. Producer of 12 film in which participated some of the best Italian actors.

Eva Benedikt, Screenwriter and Director from the Boston area will give lessons on movie production.

Renato Guzzardi, Independent Movie Director and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Calabria.

Giuseppe Antonio Lacaria, Director of the Film TV Center at the University of Calabria.

Francesco Ponte, Shorts Maker and Photographer.
Gianni Liguori, Photographer.

Our Director Michelangelo La Luna with Giuseppe Antonio Lacaria, Director of the Film TV Center at the University of Calabria (

For more information and an application form please visit our website and if you have any questions, feel free to contact Prof. Michelangelo La Luna, at


ITL 206/305. Taught in Italian. 6 credits: From Script to Image. This innovative special course is designed for students who already had at least 4 semesters of Italian or equivalent. Students will be engadged in writing some parts of the screenplay for the movie "Il ritorno di Norman" by Renato Guzzardi. They will also work on the preparation of the scenes and will perform as actor/actresses. Moreover students will watch movies based on famous novels and will analyze them by comparing the plot of the original story to the screenplay used for each movie. Reading of articles, reviews and interviews about the fims watched in class will enrich this unique course.  

Let's shoot                            Johnny Stecchino

FILM 401: Field Experience in Film Media (3 credits. Taught in English)/Cross listed with: FILM 351: Topics in Film Media Production (4 credits. Taught in English): Students will work with an Italian director on an independent film. Program participants will be involved in all aspects of pre-production and production, including screenwriting, filming, and editing. Those who are interested can also participate as actors in the movie. For this activity students will earn 3 credits. The film course will be taught by Reshad Kulenovic, Professor of Film Media at the Univeristy of Rhode Island.

Renato Guzzardi, independent filmmaker and Professor at the University of Calabria, will be directing the film Il ritorno di Norman based on the travelogue Old Calabria (1915) written by British writer and journalist Norman Douglas.
(Prerequisite for URI students: FLM 110, Intro to Film Production. Those who do not have  this prerequisite can only hope to transfer the credits as FLM 2XX)


ITALIAN CIN-ITL 315: Italian Cinema & Documentary Film (3+1 credits. Taught in English. Italian majors must write their essays and final project in Italian).  If there are enough students, we are going to offer two sections, one in Italian and one in English.  (For URI students only: please note that ITL 315 counts for the major in Italian, for Film Media and for Foreign Language/Cross Culture).

An additional credit is given for an original documentary film on Calabria which students are going to shoot in Italy. Instructor and documentary supervisor: Robert Manteiga (, distinguished Professor of Hispanic Studies, Comparative Literature and Film Media, University of Rhode Island.

I. Course Description

This course surveys the development of Italian cinema from the fascist era of the Cinecittà to the present day.  The focus will be on Italian Neorealism and its influence on post-neorealist Italian auteurs and film genres. Films will be examined in a historical/aesthetic context.  The instructor will comment on both the ideological and stylistic aspects of the films.  Lectures by the instructor are designed to (1) give the students a basic understanding of film and the film-making process, (2) provide insights into the director and his work, and (3) offer social, political and cultural background information necessary for a better understanding of the film.


II. Texts:

(you must buy these books before you leave your country):

There will be daily reading assignments from the two texts indicated below.  These must be done prior to viewing the films.

Louis Giannetti, Understanding Movies =UM required

Giorgio Bertellini, The Cinema of Italy =CI required

Timothy Corrigan, A Short Guide to Writing About Film=highly recommended


Films will be selected from the following list 

(clip of) Rome Open City (1945), Roberto Rossellini

The Bicycle Thief (1948) & Umberto D (1952), Vittorio De Sica

La Strada (1954) & 8 1/2 (1963), Federico Fellini

Rocco and his Brothers (1960) &

Death in Venice (1971), Luchino Visconti  

Accattone (1961), Pier Paolo Pasolini

Divorce Italian Style (1961), Pietro Germi

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) Sergio Leone

Bread and Chocolate (1974), Franco Brusati

Seven Beauties (1975), Lina Wertmuller

Padre padrone (1977) Paolo and Vitorio Taviani

Cinema Paradiso (1988), Giuseppe Tornatore

Johnny Stecchino (1991), Roberto Benigni


Please contact us at with any questions, concerns or comments. Thank you.
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