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    De Rada Program at

Università della Calabria

June 2-30 & July 1-28, 2015

(Workshop: July 3-12, 2015)


For High School and College Students

& for Middle and High School Teachers


A Great School in a Great Location!!!


The University of Calabria is considered one of the best schools in Italy for its teaching, standards, research and service, including dining, transportation and rooming. Unical has obtained outstanding positions on a national scale for its great resources allocated to teaching and research, only after having passed rigorous tests of selections. UNICAL has a great campus located 15 minutes (by bus) from the city of Cosenza and 15 minutes (by train) from Paola and the Tyrrhenian sea.


Università della Calabria, Il ponte


Università della Calabria, Biblioteca Area Umanistica


Calabria is located in the Southern tip of Italy and boasts unforgettable vistas across magnificent beaches with crystal clear water and rugged mountains. Additional breathtaking scenery includes ancient Greek and Roman ruins; Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque towns; Byzantine and Norman churches and castles.



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De Rada Italian Institute, Cambridge, MA & Kingston, RI:
A non-profit educational institute promoting the general diffusion of culture through education and exchange in cooperation with Italy and other European countries.

De Rada

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De Rada Italian Institute
37 Kingston Hill Ct.  
Kingston, RI 02881  USA

tel. 857-928-3456



Coordinator at Unical

Doctor Gianpiero Barbuto

Manager of International Relations



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